Medcem Çimento
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Medcem Cement Factory is commissioned in July 2015 at province of Mersin, Akdere/Silifke region. The facility has 11.500 ton/day production capacity and it is the largest cement factory in Turkey and Europe that makes production with a single line. Using cutting edge equipments, the factory produces eco-friendly, cost effective clinker and cement with high product quality.

Clinker and cement produced is exported to various countries from Eren Holding’s Medcem Port located nearby the factory.

High product quality, easy transportation to developing markets, cost effectiveness makes Medcem Çimento a major player of the global market.

OPC clinker
EN 197 – 1 CEM I 42,5 R
EN 197 – 1 CEM II/A - LL 42,5 R
EN 197 – 1 CEM II/B - LL 32,5 N
Clinker and cement types according to customer demand