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Denizli Çimento facilities that the Holding has acquired in 1992 from privatization administration and Modern Beton Plants built in the region under the roof of Holding's Cement Group have been transferred to another group at the end of 2014, and today Cement group continues its activities at Europe's and Turkey's biggest cement factory,  Medcem Çimento put into service in Mersin, in the midst of 2015 with an investment of USD 400 million.

Using cutting-edge technology the high quality clinker and cement is being produced at the environment friendly facility with cost advantage. Medcem Port provides the advantage of supplying high quality products to emerging markets.

Along with this, at the Mediterranean region,  Medcem Beton  carries out operations in the Turkish ready mixed concrete industry based on 22 years of experience and know-how of the Holding gained through Modern Beton facility that has been operating in the Aegean Region.